Owen Thomas, the gregarious outgoing leader of the band named Therapy finds love in his Puerto Rican best friend, named Desiree though his parents would have a fit. Nadia a wealthy socialite accepts her son's choice because she loves him only to find out later that he has chosen the best woman for him in spite of all she has done to keep him in their inner circle.

His best friend Isaias Reynolds finds love in a beautiful black woman by the name of Whitney, and his mother also would disapprove, though she shouldn't. His mother, Charlotte Reynolds is rich and well known in the city of Napa. She would do absolutely nothing to tarnish her spotless reputation until her son comes home with his girlfriend. It is then that Charlotte re-thinks her life and decides to let the true love of her life in.

Victoria Tyler realizes only months after she has let the love of her life go she wants him back only to find out that it is too late. He has moved on with his life as she suggested. She enlists the help of his mother to win him back only to discover later that honesty should have been on her team from the start.

Follow the Thomas' and the Reynolds' as they figure out that love and friendship is more important than money and social status.

White Boy: The Owen Thomas Story (White Boy Series) Vol 2

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