Robert "Teebone" Jackson had a secret life when he was just the average contract killer, when he lucked up on the gig of a lifetime. He landed a contract with Cain Lucas, notorious gang alpha and drug kingpin.
Teebone dislikes Cain, but is wickedly jealous of his power and money. He vows to not only be like Cain, he wants to be Cain. With a little luck and a 45mm colt, he kills Cain in order to get his hands on everything Cain ever was.
Teebone manages to pull this off. He now has the woman of his dreams and all of Cain's money.
Follow him through his growing pains as he learns that he should never mix business and friendship, for it is now his turn in the shadow as the largest drug dealer in the city.

Teebone's Turn (The Streets Series) Vol 2

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