Kyndle Pittman. Attractive, outgoing, single and looking for love. Looking for a job she bumps into a man in the hallway of her recruiter's office and instantly falls in love with the man she runs into. They eventually become friends, and in her heart, she longs for him. Being who he is, she didn’t think she would ever have a chance.
Emanuel Hunter. Rich, lonely and in love. Seeing a woman that was pretty, he wanted her as he did most attractive women. When he is in love, he loves hard. At this time he's in a relationship and would never stray from the one he is with.
Navarro Delgado. Talented and lonely. Having difficulty finding the woman of his dreams, looking at a photo of Mya, he is instantly smitten and vows to make her his.
Mya Simmons. Lonely, needy and a single mom. With her secret addiction seemingly behind her, she steps out into society again looking for someone to love her.

This is the story of four friends. Love, obsession, anger, and death bring them closer than they ever thought they would be.


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