Hannibal Cross. A dislikeable man who kills an innocent woman and is certainly going to hang for what he has done. He sits in his small jail cell waiting for death when he is visited by a stranger. The stranger manages to save him from one type of death only to offer him another.

Kieran Locke does not know how he became a vampire, only knows that he is one. He spends ten years of his life loathing the fact that he kills to survive. He does not want to continue to be alone in his task, so he seeks another to be his companion.

These two men meet and ravage the countryside as a pair until Hannibal begins to get bored. He desires for more than what he has, and is more ambitious than Kieran is aware of. Hannibal has the desire to be the leader of a coven. What does he do to get there?

This is the story of his rise to power.

Hannibal Cross: The Rise to Power (Second Edition) Baby Farm Vol 4

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