"I parked my car in the lot, and heard the music outside. A funky mid-tempo jam was playing, and I knew I was going to have a good time, certain to find that gorgeous one to take home with me. I walked into the door, greeted by two of the bouncers; I waved and smiled and made my way into the club. The music was loud and thumping in my ears. I had a good vibe about the night. Once inside, I saw women everywhere in various states of dress. Did I want the hooch in the short skirt, midriff shirt, too much make up and messy hair? Or did the conservative beauty with the tight bun, business suit, and heels catch my fancy that night? I had no idea. One thing for sure, everyone was enjoying themselves. The dance floor was packed. There was a gorgeous Latina standing at the edge of the dance floor watching the crowd move to the infectious beat. She was pretty hot, and was just the one to get my night of flirting started. I approached."

Darren Smith became two people at an early age. At 18, he became Dude Smith. A man-whore. Later finding that Dude was just a coping mechanism, he wants to be Darren again. Who will bring Darren back?

Dude Smith

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