Life at the Baby Farm continues…

This is the story of four very different young vampiric men and how they deal with everyday life. Their father, Alec Thorn, famous for what he previously did for the coven, sits back, and watches as his four sons grow into their own lives and become individuals.
Nikolai Thorn the oldest is an arrogant and selfish son of a bitch with the power of seduction. Because he was the only vampire in his coven that was born and not made, he thinks he's special. And well, he is.
Kristopher Thorn loves his family and his woman. He works hard and doesn't get along with his older brother very well, but there is a reason for that. However he has no clue what it is.
Lucas Thorn knows why his two older brothers don't get along, but he keeps it to himself. Lucas, not as arrogant as Nikolai, but almost as selfish.
The baby of the family, Byron Thorn, has no clue what his brothers are doing, and doesn't care. His only focus is his woman, and will do anything to stay with her.

Clash! : The Story of Four Brothers (Second Edition) Baby Farm Vol 2

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