"Bartholomew Crane, you're here because you've committed a crime. One that goes against the very principals of our founder."
"I've committed no crime. I simply created a little life."
"That in itself is a crime. There has never been a life created between vampire and human. It just isn't done."

Alec Thorn the very first half breed born into the Coven of Kings. He is raised by his adoptive parents, and has no idea who his biological parents are. The tyrannical king, Hannibal Cross sends Alec away from the only parents he knows to become a laborer at the Baby Farm. It is there that he will find new friendship, love, and the truth about his biological parents.
After one hundred years of life, Alec learns what has gone on in the coven and is no longer able to allow it to go on. Alec decides to free his people, and enlists the help of highly placed council members to kill the king.
This does not sit well with his brand new wife, but he decides to go on with his plans anyway.

Baby Farm: The Story of Alec Thorn (Second Edition) Baby Farm Vol 1

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