Keona Clark. A woman in her early twenties, in a crew, and she could easily go to jail if found guilty of the things she has done. Drug dealing, extortion, illegal weapon possession, and murder are all on her street resume. Growing up on the Harlem streets, she joined Leon's crew when she was very young. Many years later, she betrays her leader, and spends a few years in a mental institution. Those two things combined, changed her life completely. Released from the hospital, she will find that she is the same person in a brand new environment.

As she matured, she found love through both her crew and her man. As the many crews on the streets consolidated into three, she found that the life she chose to live was not the life she really wanted. Keona will do what she must to escape the life she currently lives.

A Woman's Trouble (The Streets Series) Vol 1

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