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"Although I am not typically the type who sits and reads a pure romance novel for the sake of reading, I was pleasantly entertained within the subtly dark nuances of DUDE SMITH. The authoress has a profoundly perfect understanding of grammar, sentence structure, and composition and is uniquely qualified in this day and age to be called an Author. The understand of story and character development allowed Ms. Bass to create a world wholly believable. Were I to have any complaint, and this is just nit-picking, it would be simply that the story seemed to stall now an then, but then life does that too. I believe you have a winner here."

Sean Savage on Inkitt

Epic Romance Saga

"This is definitely not your average romance novel. It got me in early and kept a firm hold all the way through. I loved how I never saw it coming, each decision or action and the consequences that followed. This book twisted and turned at ever chapter. Yes it was a little dark but it also had light moments too. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to all who like a different take on romance and love."

CE Turner on Inkitt

Dude Smith

"This is a story of a man in search of his one true love. In this journey he overcomes great pain and heartaches. Dude impressed me from the start to the end. His characterization was fascinating. An alpha male, rich, handsome, sexy and a woman-eater! Despite loving various women simultaneously, he was still searching for that true love. Having said that, his carnal desires were insatiable. His differing personas as Dude and Darren makes him highly complicated. I could love and hate him at the same time. But I loved the way he treats his lovers with compassion and takes the responsibility of his sons. Dude is an irresistible young man and has a way with women. The relationship between Kay and Jacob was also well drawn up. I kept turning the pages wondering how it would end. My heart was in my mouth toward the end of the story. Dude was certainly going haywire and the ending was a thriller indeed. I would like to recommend this romantic drama to all who loves an intriguing story."

Arya Tara on Inkitt




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