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Pillars of Society

September 18, 2018

Jake was eighteen when he learned how to love a girl. When he learned about heart break and that life is short. Now David avenges his brother's death, with his three friends and complete the tasks needed to become Pillars of Society. Paranoia and dissention start to tear at the boys when they choose to walk from the Pillars. Ten years later the Society reminds them, you just can't walk away. 

What if one day you opened your high school locker and someone slipped a letter inside, that changed your life forever? What if all you had to do to belong, is to promote the beauty of diversity by dating a suitor of a different race than yourself? What if it lead to the love of your life?
What if one day you opened your high school locker and the letter stated for you to be at your high school aquatic center tonight at mid night. Your task is to retrieve a sword from the bottom of the diver's pool but you don't know how to swim. What if it leads to tragedy?

What if belonging to the Pillars Of Society leads you to the greatest adventure of your life...or death?

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Dude Smith

I parked my car in the lot, and heard the music outside. A funky mid-tempo jam was playing, and I knew I was going to have a good time, certain to find that gorgeous one to take home with me.

I walked into the door, greeted by two of the bouncers; I waved and smiled and made my way into the club. The music was loud and thumping in my ears. I had a good vibe about the night.

Once inside, I saw women everywhere in various states of dress. Did I want the hooch in the short skirt, midriff shirt, too much make up and messy hair? Or did the conservative beauty with the tight bun, business suit, and heels catch my fancy that night? I had no idea. One thing for sure, everyone was enjoying themselves. The dance floor was packed.

There was a gorgeous Latina standing at the edge of the dance floor watching the crowd move to the infectious beat. She was pretty hot, and was just the one to get my night of flirting started. I approached.

A dark romance about a boy named Darren Smith who had a traumatic experience, and he developed a self-destructive alter ego early in his life.

Darren became Dude. As he grew older, and better looking, he found that his alter ego was much more fun.

Wealth, good looks, and multiple women without commitment, dominated his life until something about Kay, a woman he met a few years earlier, grabbed onto his heart.

Subconsciously, Darren was trying to take over and save him from a lifetime of infidelity. Dude was definitely going to take him there, but Darren knew that Kay was his savior.

Follow him through twenty years of his life as he finally meets his soulmate and has no idea how to handle it.


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Urban Fiction

A Woman's Trouble 
Ripley Bellers

Keona Clark. A woman in her early twenties, in a crew, and she could easily go to jail if found guilty of the things she has done. Drug dealing, extortion, illegal weapon possession, and murder are all on her street resume. Growing up on the Harlem streets, she joined Leon's crew when she was very young. Many years later, she betrays her leader, and spends a few years in a mental institution.


  A Ghost's Addiction    

R. S. Ordeneaux

Chiminal Hill was supposed to be an easy change for Damien, but when all Hell breaks loose the moment him and his father reach the outskirts of town. A spiral of lies appear in every corner. The smell of death lingers in the air. Figures cloaked in raiment's from the Bubonic Plague walk the street. Somehow all of it is related to Damien, but he has no idea why. Time is running out. Alone, Damien must untangle the web of lies around him and figure out the truth about Chiminal Hill.


Cries of Love

What is a woman supposed to do when her ex-lover begs her to take him back even after marrying someone his parents chose? She accepts him while his wife remains untouched yet pregnant.

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